Rimo3 – Intelligent Automation At Scale

New product - Distributed system for automatically verifying compliance and quality of applications within the client’s real environment.

Client: Rimo3

Industry: Enterprise IT

Services: .NET, Web on Azure

Our Value:

  • Leading technology
  • Product consulting
  • Project management
  • CI/CD in Microsoft Azure cloud

Project Overview:

New product - Distributed system (SaaS and on-premise) for automatically verifying compliance of company applications with ever-changing Windows environments within the client’s real environment.


Architect and develop an enterprise grade product in a fast manner to beat the market while understanding the stakeholders needs and adjusting to them.


AppNiv has architected and developed a distributed multi-tenant SaaS .NET application which is a disruptive solution in the market.
AppNiv’s full time dedicated team of developers and project manager collaborated on a daily based with Rimo3’s R&D in an agile software development manner.
Development has started in 2018 and is entering 2021 in full steam ahead.

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Provide a first functional product in 3 months, build a long term product roadmap and evolve the product into an enterprise grade selling product.


5 Years



"We needed to scale our ability to develop very innovative core products to meet market demand.
This development’s architecture is very unique, and some elements need to be controlled by the end customer, which can pose a threat to security.
They’ve helped build out something that hasn’t been done before.
They’re transparent, so I always know what’s going on. I’m able to speak with the developers directly to get a good idea of their progress, which is rare for contractors. I was quite impressed by the quality of the engineers."
Alon MossChief Product Officer

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