Acsense – Identity Management Resiliency

New product - Creating Resiliency capabilities for OKTA clients

Client: Acsense

Industry: Enterprise IT

Services: Java and Web on AWS

Our Value:

  • Leading technology
  • Product consulting
  • Project management
  • CI/CD in Amazon AWS cloud

Project Overview:

New product - Acsense brings resilience to the top Identity Management system in the world.
Acsense continuously backs up the entire OKTA IDM configuration and data, keeping a continuous history and allowing investigations and various recoverability capabilities as well as supporting business continuity use cases.


Architect and develop an enterprise grade product in a fast manner to beat the market while understanding the stakeholders needs and adjusting to them.


We serve as the entire R&D, developing and maintaining the product functionality as well as supporting its customers.
Development has started in 2020 and is entering 2024 in full steam ahead.

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Worked together with the founder to build a long term product roadmap and evolve the product into an enterprise grade selling product.


4 Years



Muli MotolaCEO and Co-Founder of Acsense

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