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Partnering with your teamDeveloping your Product

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Case Studies

Business Continuity Process

In today’s era of instability, creating a sustainable software development organization is paramount. Wars and conflicts can disrupt even the most robust operations, and R&D personnel, being human, may face periods where they cannot fully focus on their work.

To maintain uninterrupted productivity, a reliable, integrated, proactive, high-end offshore team is essential. At AppNiv, we excel at this. It’s in our DNA.

Our CEO, Ido Niv, with over 20 years in the industry, brings a decade of experience from HP Software, where he worked in Java development, R&D management, and product management. He successfully established an offshore extension in Romania to support local R&D product development in Israel. Managing both local and remote teams, Ido has mastered the dos and don’ts of this complex operation.

Operating such a setup effectively requires deep expertise. We are here to provide that know-how and assist you on this journey. We thrive on the organizational and technical challenges it presents.

Beyond offering a dedicated team, our CEO Ido Niv remains actively involved, ensuring both the team and the client achieve success in all aspects.

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Building your R&D center in Romania

Dedicated Team as an Integral Part of Your R&D Organization

We are not a headhunting company.
We are not a talent sourcing company.
We are not an outsourcing company. We don’t do projects.

We are your R&D center in Romania.

Why Romania? Why Not Anywhere Else? Why Not Remote First and Hire Across the Globe?

At AppNiv, we believe that software development is not just about writing code. It’s about the people who create it. The foundation of great software lies in:

  • Excellent Communication: Ensuring clarity and understanding across the team.
  • Coordination: Streamlining efforts for maximum efficiency.
  • Driving Innovation: Fostering creativity through brainstorming sessions.
  • Ownership and Accountability: Each team member taking responsibility for their work.
  • Team Collaboration: Working together to achieve common goals.
  • Trust: Building strong, reliable relationships.
  • Technical Skills: Leveraging expertise to deliver high-quality products.

Our teams embody these principles, speaking common languages and sharing a similar culture. This synergy is what makes great products.

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At AppNiv, we embrace a wide range of product domains, driven by our passion for interesting and challenging projects. We specialize in complex software development, focusing on seniority to meet the needs of startups ranging from 10 to 1000 people.

Each team member is an expert in one or two coding languages, ensuring deep expertise and high-quality output.

Backend Development

  • Java
  • Kotlin
  • C#
  • Python
  • TypeScript

Frontend Development

  • Angular
  • React

Mobile Development

Our mobile development experts are proficient in:

  • Swift (iOS)
  • Kotlin (Android)
  • Flutter (iOS and Android)
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Do You Need an Entire R&D Team or Just to Extend Your Existing One?
  • Trust

    Extending your R&D organization requires trust. Speak with our clients, come and meet us, or we can come to you. Building trust is the foundation of our collaboration.
  • Communication and coordination

    Our team is fully integrated into your organization, using your tools and processes to ensure seamless collaboration.
  • Productivity

    We believe in the power of interactions and brainstorming. Occasional workshops, especially face-to-face ones, make a significant difference. We support and assist in organizing these workshops, driving your organization forward.
  • Administration

    We handle the heavy lifting for you, taking care of market, cultural, legal, and other needs. Our deep knowledge and experience in these areas ensure smooth operations.
  • Professionalism

    Our CEO, Ido Niv, has over 20 years of experience in software development management and product management, spanning both global enterprises and startups. With the high standards of the Israeli startup nation, we understand what it takes to succeed.
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We align withYour Goals

  • Aligning goals with you

    Our approach is centered on identifying with your product, fostering a passion for the work, building careers, and forming a deep attachment to the project. We care, and our team members care. By finding common goals with our clients, we build organizations aligned with those goals.
  • Long-Term Partnership

    Our dedicated teams have been running with our clients for many years, ranging from 2 to over 6 years. With over a decade of experience managing R&D teams in a multicultural environment, we have developed an excellent formula for success.
  • Team Building

    Our team members frequently meet face-to-face, enjoying a balanced work life between home and office. They build strong friendships and can count on each other. We make this happen by cherishing and nurturing their career development, ensuring they continuously improve and grow.

We found an amazing partner. Ido understands our business requirements and is trustworthy, highly-technical and responsive. Ido’s project management allowed us to focus on business and he delivered on time and on budget.

Gideon Falter CEO at Callbox

Our Model

Our organization is lean

At AppNiv, we operate with a lean organization. We don’t handle multiple projects or have developers working on multiple products simultaneously. We don’t maintain a bench of idle developers. This ensures that you will never get a developer simply because they are available. We meticulously select candidates from our network and headhunt to find the right fit for your requirements and company culture. We focus on building the right team for the long term. Our pricing is flexible—whether it’s a monthly rate or an hourly rate, every team member is valued, with a budget determined through a thorough evaluation process. You are an integral part of this evaluation, ensuring complete transparency in work hours and days.

Our Pride

We take immense pride in our clients and our team members. They are at the forefront of the products they work on, making a significant impact through innovation and execution. Our team members are eager to showcase their work and contributions. Our main office is located in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, within the Regus office branch. While we love to work from there occasionally, each team decides their office attendance based on their needs. The office features an amazing terrace and view, providing an excellent environment for collaboration. All teams come together once a month when our CEO arrives from Israel, fostering strong bonds and team spirit.

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